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MDChange (MDCMS)


MDCMS Core Product Installation and Upgrade Instructions / Prerequisites 8.6

MDChange User Manuals

Download MDCMS Core Product

Version 8.6.1
Build Date June 15, 2024
US Mirror download
EU Mirror download
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Supported IBM i OS Range V7R2M0 - V7R5M0

MDChange Upgrade Warnings

License Keys

If upgrading to 8.6.x from 8.5.x or lower, new license keys will be necessary. You can upgrade the keys yourself from here.

Client Compatibility
  • The MDOpen update site for Eclipse is 8.6.
  • The MDOpen extension package for VS Code is 8.6
  • The MDWorkflow web app version is 8.6
Multiple Partitions

All partitions that communicate with each other must be on at least version 8.6 during the same installation window.

MDXREF Rebuild

MDXREF should be rebuilt after upgrading to 8.6

OAuth1.0 is no longer supported for JIRA

OAuth1.0 is no longer supported for authenticating with Jira using the MDJIRA interface. API Tokens for cloud or Access Tokens for Data Center/Server must be used instead. Atlassian has deprecated the use of OAuth1.0 and a transition to tokens should be made soon even if not upgrading to MDCMS 8.6.

Download MDCMS Command Script Service

Operating System Build Date Instructions
Linux February 17, 2022 view
Windows February 17, 2022 view